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With most rideshares apps, drivers' features are limited, often causing glitches to underlying pain points in the gig economy. Unlike most ride-hailing apps, HayaCab has features for drivers and riders to enhance ride-sharing experiences.

Another challenge considered while designing is profitability and a plausible business model in the gig economy. This has been challenging in the ride-hailing industry—and many rideshare companies have become unprofitable. Uber announced an annual loss of 2.2 billion in 2017, and 2018.

The mobile application design for HayaCab was challenging; we had to design a seamless and intuitive app. Given the fact that there are many ride-hailing apps in the market, we had to find a way to showcase the unique features of HayaCab. We had to ensure that every age group was comfortable using this app.


Haya is a ride-hailing app that makes it easy for you to get rides anywhere you need. And, the aim was to ensure that people become more aware of the cost-saving benefits as a HayaCab Passenger, and the moneymaking benefits as a HayaCab Driver.

The HayaCab app comes with a cost-effective analysis feature because of the upward trend for fuel cost. It has no hidden charges, preferably a transparent and straightforward model for the time/cost problems that have festooned the industry.


We began by researching a deep-rooted issue of answering what will make people share their cars with people they meet on the app. We also focused on highlighting the primary services offered based on the classification of the target audience.

Many defining features like an app help center for consumer feedback; notification spot; accepting/rejecting customer's request; HayaCab driver-friendly interface; consumer advancement payment system and a navigational system with lots of other essential perks.

We ensured that there are stress-free means to offer services and products as the need arises—to provide a raving fan base among users.


While designing the UI, strategic importance has been given to the layouts in the mobile app. Simple card layout has been used to highlight the necessary, and we have also included few icons to aid communication. The design was made to be simple and elegant. We had to make sure the app had the same look and feel on both Android and iOS.

We also ensure that HayaCab meets and solves modern consumers' challenges in a more realistic way, and even not sacrificing comfy and user's convenience. The HayaCab ride-hailing app is designed with a transparent time/cost model, one major problem in the ride-hailing industry.

A user's privacy is a compelling factor that was implemented in the design. HayaCab aims to outperform other competitors in the industry; hence, it offers various models to deliver a customer experience that is second to none.


Since research shows that the majority among the base consumers of ride-hailing apps are millennials and generation Z. This means large percent are tech-savvy, and HayaCab hailing app development meets their technology requirements and is also UI/UX friendly to older generations.

Rideshare consumers getting a professional service, experiencing a convenient, cashless, competitive pricing system, and the safest riding hailing experience is the underlying philosophy behind the development of HayaCab app development.

To arrive at all these, we ensure that strict coding guidelines were enforced during the development process. We used programming tools that fast-tracked the development process. The programming language used was selected based on the project scope. As with all our projects, we implemented unit testing during the development phase. This allowed us to test the mobile application on both Android and iOS.

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